About ARCIA involvement

TROPAC are proud members of the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) Inc.

ARCIA is recognised by the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) as the peak body representing the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) sector, they are strong advocates for all sections of the wireless communications industry. ARCIAS' Association is active in many areas and is always conscious of working towards the benefit of it's members.

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About ITS Australia Involvement

TROPAC's ITS mission is to support the delivery of safer, more efficient and sustainable transport solutions. The ITS Australia Membership is a crucial component towards TROPAC's ITS involvement in delivering top-of-the-line infrastructure and ITS Roadside Cabinet solutions. The ITS membership provides a platform to showcase our ITS Solutions at the annual ITS Australia summit for providers. Our silver membership is renewed every calendar year.

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About IICA Australia Involvement

The IICA as the relevant industry body, provides a unique opportunity for the corporate sector to access our wide range of resources and benefits. TROPAC is a corporate partner of the IICA body where networks are built through exhibiting our distributed products and brands at selected events locations.

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