Disposal Instructions for TROPAC products

Dear our valued customers,

We hope that over the course of their usefulness, our products have lived up to your expectations. But even after that, we want to guarantee that our environment and its rich resources are treated responsibly.

The goal of separate collection and recycling of old equipment as well as old batteries and rechargeables is the prevention of negative effects on the environment and on human health.

For this reason, please observe the following disposal instructions, which apply within the European Union & Asia Pacific.

Products marked with this symbol must comply with Directive 2012/19/EU on the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). These products contain potentially harmful substances that could be dangerous to both human health and the environment. Substances found in these products can also be reused through targeted recycling

Batteries and rechargeables marked with this symbol are subject to Directive 2006/66/EC: Collection and recycling of batteries and accumulators. Batteries and rechargeable contain potentially harmful substances that may be dangerous to both human health and the environment. Special care is essential when handling batteries containing the harmful substance, lithium.

If there is an element symbol beneath the symbol, the battery contains the chemical element specified: mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) or lead (Pb)

Any product marked with a crossed-ou rubbish bin must not be disposed of in unsorted municipal waste or household waste. If personal data is stored on an electrical device, you must delete this data before the device is disposed of.

Please do your part to avoid negative impacts on human health and the environment by supporting a sustainable recycling program.

  • When you have finished using an old device containing batteries or rechargeables, remove and dispose of the batteries/rechargeables properly.
  • Take the old equipment, batteries, and rechargeables to your local collection point set up in accordance with the national legislation in your country or region.
  • Alternatively, you can contact and send any unserviceable TROPAC distributed products and batteries/rechargeables to the TROPAC service organisation in a package that is marked with your name and address. We will take care of their professional disposal free of charge.
  • To reduce your waste footprint, we also recommended professionally repairing your damaged products and always using rechargeable batteries.
  • Support for repair of your TROPAC distributed product components is available through contacting our service team.